About Us

Headwaters Health Foundation of Western Montana

The Headwaters Health Foundation of Western Montana is a newly-formed foundation committed to promoting health and wellness to Western Montanans. With a vision to positively transform the overall health of the population, the Foundation seeks to create sustainable, system-wide change in healthcare systems and services.

Based in Missoula, the Headwaters Health Foundation is a “conversion foundation” resulting from the sale of the non-profit Community Medical Center to the Billings Clinic and Regional Care Hospital Partners. The transfer of the proceeds into charitable assets makes the Headwaters Health Foundation one of the largest health-related foundations in Montana. The Foundation is governed by a nine-member board of trustees, with projected assets of eighty-five million dollars and estimated annual grants of three million dollars. Broadly defined, the Foundation’s service area will cover 15 counties in the Western Montana region encompassing urban, rural, frontier and Native populations.

The strategy work has begun with health and wellness needs assessments of the region. Once completed, these assessments, along with partner input, will help shape the Foundation’s theory of impact. It is anticipated that initial grant-making will occur in early 2018.

In addition to specific areas of health and healthcare, the Foundation will be seeking opportunities to address system-level issues related to indicators of health and how public health and healthcare services can be delivered in a more effective, efficient, and synergistic manner. The Foundation will use strategic, evidence-based grant-making to make a transformative impact on the health of Western Montanans. This approach may include seeking funding opportunities in policy and research, and facilitating collaboration between service providers.


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